Who Are You Guys?

What was your motivating factor for starting Hire and Best?

Being a business leader before the pandemic was hard enough but it’s become even harder, hasn’t it? 

Remote work has become commonplace in our American business environment. As a result, we have become better at managing the remote process. However, we haven’t figured out how to optimize that process yet. 

As social entrepreneurs, our founding team wanted to solve the optimization problem and help make the world a better place in the process. We wanted to design a flightpath for businesspeople to save money and make more money at the same time by leveraging Best Practices and remote staffing strategies to create new jobs. 

How do you do that?

That’s when the idea of geographic arbitrage lit up the sky for us. You know, the process of simultaneously buying and selling in different markets to benefit from the price difference.

We have travelled around the world and met some amazing talent in majority world countries. They are well educated, industrious and experienced English speakers. At the same time, their hourly compensation levels are significantly lower than ours while their unemployment is drastically higher.

We wondered if we could develop a job creation model that solves both problems without disadvantaging anyone. As it turned out, we could.

What does that look like?

We discovered a proven business model that connects American businesspeople to vetted highly-talented workers around the globe in an incredibly cost-effective way. At the same time, creating opportunities for these workers to improve their lives, support their families and help their local economies. 

In the process, Hire and Best adopted an extremely favorable pricing structure for everyone involved where most of the hourly rate charged goes directly to the workers after some small administration and marketing expenses. By contracting one of these remote workers, businesspeople are helping themselves and changing lives at the same time.

Hire and Best believes we can supplement our American workforce with workers from less advantaged majority world countries to help lift all boats and the trickle effect could be a stronger economy meaning more American jobs. 

Are you a charitable organization?

No, we are a social enterprise using marketplace strategies to help businesses and nonprofits achieve greater impact while helping to eradicate poverty through new remote job creation. That said, we do financially support many holistic charitable organizations with similar missions to ours.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

The process is simple and personalized to you. First, send us a message on our Get Started Page and let us know what kinds of tasks you’d like to get a hand with. We will arrange for a brief conversation with an experienced Remote Recruiting Manager to truly understand your objectives.

Shortly after that, your Remote Recruiting Manager will send you a short list of candidate profiles s/he thinks could be a great fit for you. If you like any of those bios, they will line up an interview for you with the candidate. Once you’ve had the call with the candidate and if you’d like to move ahead, you’ll be sent a little paperwork and you’re good to go!

What should I expect then?

Every remote worker recommended is educated, industrious and brings a broad range of skills and experiences to the table. That said, each new worker will look to you or your designee to clearly explain your expectations and provide any specific training required for them to be successful within your organization.

At this point, you will be given access to your own customized hour-tracking report so you can see the hours your worker is logging each week. We recommend, especially at first, to oversee your new worker to help guide them and provide them with the needed ongoing training to meet or exceed your expectations.


How will I pay my new worker?

The process is simple. Your credit card will simply be charged for the hours worked based on the agreed upon hourly fee for your remote worker. In our opinion, this is the fairest “thriving wage” for remote workers of this quality in the world.

The hourly rates are all inclusive and that means no surprises like any additional taxes or fees. You will only pay for hours worked by your remote worker (with no minimums) and only once you’ve expressly agreed to get started. Remember, to get started on the right foot, your VA’s first three hours are FREE!

How does the international currency exchange work?

Transferring money internationally can be extremely complicated by international currency controls and varying exchange rates. We understand that completely. So, this process will be managed for you from start to finish assuring prompt and accurate payment to your worker.

Remember, your credit card will simply be charged for the balance due for hours worked (USD) and nothing more. It couldn’t be simpler and there are never any other hidden fees.

Areas of Expertise:

Some of the areas include:

eCommerce including order processing via Dropified or Oberlo, customer service, social media, posting products to Shopify.

Direct Sales including phone sales, email outreach, lead generation, competitor research.

Research including lead generation, data mining, product research, information gathering.

WordPress and Web Development including modifying WordPress themes, plugins & website development.

Customer Service including responding to and sending emails, handling customer inquiries, managing social media inboxes.

Personal assistance including appointment management, booking and scheduling activities, travel and itinerary research, data entry.

Our remote workers come primarily from South American and African countries where English in the primary or commercial language of their nation. These people are hard workers just like you and want to do a good job for you, their families and their communities.

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Other Questions

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